The dating market is saturated with apps guarding the initial steps of dating with paywalls at every turn. Like a troll asking for payment to cross the bridge.

Wanna see who likes you… where’s my dollar?
Wanna filter out the shit… where’s my dollar?
Wanna search by distance… where’s my dollar?
Wanna hide all this crap… where’s my dollar?

And just like that, countless people pay up even if the destination isn’t worthwhile. Even if they are not happy with what they get. And this additional debt brings with itself an additional expectation from the dating app. An expectation that maybe this time, all the money spent on this ridiculous dating app is finally going to be worth it. 

While on one hand you might say that this might just increase the chances of finding a partner, you could also argue that this makes you more vulnerable to settle. Either way, the cycle continues and a year or two later, either you never left or you’re back on the same rut wondering what went wrong the last time. Still not realising that you’re being played like a fiddle by the dating app over and over again.

For those who understand the problem, give yourselves a pat on your shoulder. You see, in this case, you are the product. And as the product, in this case ‘you’, churn money for the company the longer and more often you use the app. And return is guaranteed because… where else are you going to go?

So how do we solve the problem? Well, there are two ways to go about it. Either we start a serious platform that shuns away all paywalls and makes everything free. With a serious name and a deep face. Something that makes minds meet and bodies tessellate. Or flip the idea on its head entirely and make a spoof of all dating apps.

That is the purpose of this project. To find out which idea holds greater power in an attempt to make dating free through steps 0-10. 

With that in mind…

Choose Your Side

…your journey awaits you…

Your assignment awaits you…